Ashish Patani FCA

Ashish is a qualified Chartered Accountant with an Investment Banking and Big 4 background, helping banks, financial services organisations, and charities thrive through internal audit, compliance, governance and regulation consultancy services.

Picture of Ashish Patani

Consultancy services

Through Ashlynwood Ltd, Ashish provides a range of consultancy services to banks, financial service and charities. Learn more about the work by exploring this website.






Sustainable future

Ashish is hugely passionate about environmental and climate change issues, and aims to only work with organisations and individuals that share similar values on social justice, equality for all, care for all life and the environment to preserve of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of our planet.

Integrity & transparency

Ashish’s open, honest and frank approach to serve client needs is a strong moral core that runs through how work is undertaken and how strong lasting working relationships are built with all organisations and individuals.

Imaginative, smart & agile

As an experienced chartered accountants and internal auditor Ashish is focused on providing practical professional services by working with exceptional clients to develop innovative ways to support organisations and individuals.