Dealing with the new normal

Thursday 16 July 2020 – Online Webinar Slides

Ashlynwood took part in a webinar organised by Charity Financials. In the webinar ‘Dealing with the New Normal: Managing charity governance, operations and finance during COVID-19’ we explored 4 key themes:

  • Governance – Documenting COVID-19 related actions; continuity planning and AGM postponements; the role of trustees and the communication required between Boards and trustees.
  • Operations – The policies, procedures, updates and amendments caused by COVID-19 and the new ways of remote working.
  • Finance – Planning for the gap in fundraising through effective cash management and risk management of your charity’s assets.
  • GDPR and online security – Dealing with the increased risks in online security to mitigate and overcome while working from home.

To read the full article about the webinar, click here.

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