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Chartered Accountants

Ashlynwood Limited is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and registered to undertake Accounting and Tax work.

Just like many accountants we offer a range of professional accounting, tax, and assurance services. Carry on reading to find out what makes us different

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Our passion

Ashlynwood’s mission is to help create enterprising communities that help tackle the greatest social, environmental & climate change issues facing us.

Through our professional services we aims to help such organisations grow and succeed to have a greater positive impact on all life on this planet.

Our values

Sustainable future

We aim to only work with organisations and individuals that are focused on social justice and equality for all, care for all live and the environment and preservation of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of our planet.

Integrity & transparency

Our open, honest and frank approach to serve our client needs is a strong moral core that runs through how we undertake all work and build strong lasting working relationships with all organisations and individuals.

Imaginative, smart & agile

As chartered accountants, we aim to provide the highest professional accounting, tax and assurance service to our clients, backed by exceptional highly-qualified people. We are constantly working to develop innovative ways to support sustainable entrepreneurs, organisations and initiatives.

How we help make a difference

Every action, no matter how small, can help make a difference.

We focus our services towards three overarching themes: Environmental, Social and Governance. Together, these cover a broad range of sectors, from renewable energy, sustainable investment funds, charities, education, healthcare through to tech sector.

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Who we won’t work with

We have strict criteria that determine the organisations and individuals we will undertaken work with. We won’t work to any organisation or individual that puts profit before people and planet. More specifically, the minimum standards we apply in deciding whom to work with come under two main headings:

Non-sustainable products and services

This includes all businesses involved in producing or trading in weapons, tobacco, pornography, fur or environmentally hazardous substances. It also covers the fossil fuel and the gambling industry.

Non-sustainable working practices

This covers everything from animal testing and inhumane farming methods, through corruption and support for non-democratic regimes, to breaches of fundamental labour rights.

Let’s connect

Ashish Patani

Ashish is a qualified Chartered Accountant with an Investment Banking and Big 4 background. Hugely passionate about environmental and climate change issues, Ashish is dedicated to helping organisations that are tackling some of the greatest threats facing our planet today.

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