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Specialist sectors

Or mission is to enable enterprising communities, from all sectors of the economy, that help tackle the greatest social, environmental & climate change issues facing us.

Ashlynwood is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and registered to provide Accounting and Tax services.

Through our professional services we aims to help such organisations grow and succeed to have a greater positive impact on all life on this planet.

We believe that every organisation can be profitable as well as help towards creating a sustainable future for all.

While we can service organisations for any sector, we specialise in three principal sectors – namely financial services, not-for-profit and small-and-medium enterprises. Our deep knowledge of these sectors enables us to provide clear, proactive and value-add services to organisations. Within these sectors we help organisations that are tackling major ESG issues facing the world today.

We firmly believe in having continuous communication with all our clients, not just at year-end. We also encourage all our clients to engage in discussions and participate in roundtables, workshops, webinars, seminars and other networking events throughout the year which we organise.

No doubt, 2020 has been an economically turbulent year for many organisations across all sectors of the economy, due to the COVID-19. We continue to support our clients through exceptional value-add and cost-effective professional services. Services that are designed to ensure long-term growth and development of our clients.

Explore each of the sector specific pages below, where we also outline case studies of work we have undertaken.

Working with forward thinking organisations in different sectors

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