Shiv Haria

Founder, Lifestyle Property People

Shiv is an award-winning business owner and property investor, but his path to success was far from straight forward.

Shiv graduated in 2009 with an Economics degree and after a short stint at Fujitsu IT Services, he embarked on a 6-month solo trip around South America to try and understand what he really wanted to do with his life.

His trip was cut short when his mother suffered a sudden heart attack at her home in London, and this acted as a catalyst for Shiv’s transition into property. With his mother not being able to work, the family’s savings were taking a hit and since he didn’t have a job, Shiv set about trying to create an additional, recurring income stream through property investments.

Realising that they were priced out of the London market, in 2014, after researching several cities, Shiv moved to Leeds to invest in property full time. He spent 2 years understanding the market and building a network and eventually succeeded in building a reasonably sized portfolio for him and his family. Being at the cusp of the social media revolution, he posted about his journey on Facebook and began getting requests from friends who also wanted to invest in Leeds property.

Shiv realised that the main investment challenge facing London professionals was a lack of time and knowledge, and in 2016, he set up Lifestyle Property People offering an end-to-end, hands-free property investment service. The company’s mission was to transform lives by helping people create financial security and independence, and to date, it has sourced well over 200 buy-to-let properties for its clients.

Winner of the 2020 Property Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Shiv is well known among property peers and regularly comments on property events through news articles and the Lifestyle Property People blog: