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General insurance pricing practices


General insurance pricing practices Thursday 25 February 2021, 1pm to 2pm - Online Webinar In September 2020, the FCA published its final report on general insurance pricing practices, including a consultation on new rules. The proposed rules represent a significant intervention in the pricing of motor and home insurance, [...]

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Construction sector – Reverse charge VAT


Construction sector: Reverse charge VAT The effects on supply chains from 1 March 2021. Those working in the UK’s construction industry will have to handle and pay VAT differently from 1 March 2021, unless there’s another last-minute Government U-turn. This is when the VAT domestic reverse charge for building [...]

Construction sector – Reverse charge VAT2021-01-20T14:17:03+00:00

Strategies for exports after Brexit


Strategies for exports after Brexit Reaching international markets in 2021 and beyond. The UK has left the EU, and for British exporters, that presents both opportunity and uncertainty. There’s potential for businesses to branch out to new markets outside of the EU, but that comes with a new set [...]

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The impact of Brexit on financial services


Exports, equivalence and the EU: how Brexit will affect financial services Many financial services businesses are waiting to find out about the market access they’ll have at the end of the Brexit transition period. Many financial services businesses will be anxiously waiting to find out what position they’ll be [...]

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Gains on UK residential property


Gains on UK residential property Earlier this year, a new rule requiring capital gains tax on UK residential property to be reported and paid to HMRC within 30 days kicked in This ushered in another change to tax rules affecting residential property owners, which seeks to raise more tax [...]

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COVID-19 Economic Emergency


COVID-19 Economic Emergency Had everything gone to plan this year, the Chancellor would have been delivering his Autumn Budget speech. Instead, Rishi Sunak declared an “economic emergency” alongside a slimmed down spending plan to see him through until spring. Nobody in government would privately claim there is any way [...]

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How to ensure diversity in your financial services business


How to ensure diversity in your financial services business Conversations about diversity in financial services can be challenging, but it’s also something that can be addressed with the right systems and processes. The financial services industry has often come under scrutiny for a lack of diversity. Last year, the [...]

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Career in Accountancy


Career in Accountancy Thursday 5th November - Virtual Employer Encounter with HOP and Ashlynwood Ashlynwood was pleased to take part in this "Careers in Accountancy" virtual employer encounter in collaboration with Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal (HOP); who have launched a new series of webinars [...]

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Financial services and climate change


Financial services and climate change Is your financial services business ready to meet its requirements for managing climate risk by the end of 2021? Over the course of a turbulent year, managing the effects of COVID-19 has been the main priority for most financial services firms – but climate [...]

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How AI is revolutionising anti-money-laundering compliance


How artificial intelligence is revolutionising anti-money-laundering compliance Have you considered implementing an artificial intelligence powered AML system to make compliance easier, more efficient and more effective? Every time world governments think they have closed down the last loophole for money laundering, criminals find a new one. This year, attention [...]

How AI is revolutionising anti-money-laundering compliance2021-01-18T13:59:18+00:00
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