About the event

An online property conference focused on networking for beginner and seasoned property investors. With speakers covering a range of areas including property tax, law, mortgages, buy-to-let, commercial & residential properties, development projects, and property investment structuring. The event will explore prospects for the UK property market in 2021 and beyond.


2021 presents the UK property market with unique challenges. House prices are forecast to grow modestly by 4%, an end to stamp duty tax breaks by March 2021, and rising unemployment, to name a few of the hurdles faced by property investors.

From first-time buyers, to new and seasoned property investors, getting the right advice on property tax, law, letting do’s and don’ts, sourcing & research, planning rules and property investment structuring, is vital to ensure positive outcomes.

Presentation slides

The following are the speakers’ presentation slides used during the webinar. Click on the session title to download the slides.

  1. Market Overview – Ashish Patani, Ashlynwood
  2. Residential Mortgages – Nik Mair & Roopal Vora, London Mortgage Solutions
  3. Tax Considerations – Sahil Shah, Tax Consultant
  4. Built to Rent – James Simondson, British Property Federation
  5. Housing Law – Ajay Shah, Wayne Leighton LLP
  6. Buy to Let – Shiv Haria, Lifestyle Property People
  7. Bridging Finance – Kiran Mehta, Igloo Finance
  8. Property Development – Suneet Jain, Mera Real Estate

Webinar recordings

Session 1

Residential market

Session 2

Buy-to-let investments

Session 3

Property development


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