Client: Individual Client

Scope: An individual with an amazing idea to help the less fortunate looking to set-up a new charity required guidance on the best way to physically start implementing the idea.

Engagement: Understanding the young individuals ideas, concepts and objectives; Ashlynwood was able to (1) provide guidance from a regulatory perspective including setting up Trust Deeds (2) advise on prospective ideas for fundraising to have the idea thrive positively, (3) suggest multiple ways of implementing the concept and (4) assist in getting hands-on experience from knowledgeable volunteers within Ashlynwood’s network. Learning by Doing is a crucial concept when looking to implement a hands-on idea which has the potential to be successful in local communities and nationally.

Outcome: The individual was extremely satisfied with the discussion and left the meeting with various food for thought. Currently the individual is still brainstorming the idea further and working on a more concrete plan after which Ashlynwood will continue guiding and supporting them in the right direction.

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